Monday, May 16, 2011

Four Months With Audrey

 "This is me when I was a baby and lived at Chrystal's house.  She was my foster mommy and has a private rescue for cats & woofies.  She's going on vacation tomorrow  but keep an eye out on her blogYour house might make the purrfect Forever Home for one of her rescues!"

 "This is me looking out the window while driving to my new
Forever Home!!  I'm licking my lips because mom said I'd get
greenies when we got home!  I am a very very good car rider.
Everyone was very impressed, which is as it should be!!
Everycat knows that black cats are the best!"

 "Playing with hair bands is my most favorite game!  I don't
chew on them.  I carry them all over the house and try to get
the Feeders to play with me.  I like to skitter scat them most in mom's bathroom though.  There is a scale where I can hide them
(and move around to get them back!) and a stool where I chase them around the legs.  I like to steal hair bands off of dad's nightstand."
(PS Everycat needs to be watched to make sure they play
safely with hair bands!  Swallowing them is a Bad Thing!)

"Next month I will be one year old!!  I'm as long as my twin
brother of another mother Star, but I am more petite.
Which is understandable since I am a Princess."

"I love the Feeders in my house and I get along with everycat
but Knives, my archnemesis.  We're getting better though.  We still chase each other off of places and I still hiss at him but he's started trying to touch noses with me & stuff.  ICK!  Knives cooties!!"


  1. Is it 4 months already? How times has flown!

    We hope you're planning a party to celebrate your birthday next month!

  2. Audrey says, "Yep!! We'll definitely have a pawty on my first birthday!!"

  3. Audrey, you be careful with Knives...Mommy used to argue with this guy at work all the time, and then they got married! Talk about cooties.

  4. hi Audrey! Wow it sounds like you are doing great in your forever home! We are so glad you found it! We of course have Trixie here now - she was at Chrystal's too - and boy, she is wonderful too. We think you are smart to play with hair bands - we like to do that too. But we are good about not eating them - Kirzon did once a long time ago and it was no fun for him, so he is always telling us not to do it, so we only play. But you are smart to mention it. And wow, you will be a year old next month - we will be at that party for sure!

  5. Awwww ... 4 months of a wonderful noo life and forever home, fanks to Chrystal. We are so happy for yoo.

  6. Audrey, you grew up into such a beautiful kitty! And we know that the love and purrs you receive from your humans have helped you so much.

    We tagged you for a meow-meow/meme, which we'll hope you'll do >^..^<

    Here's the link:
    Meow-Meow Meme

    Miss Bella and Sele

  7. Wow, four months already? We are so glad you're so happy in your loving forever home! :)