Sunday, June 27, 2010

Slothful Sunday... Sorta

Zaphoid looks perturbed, "There is a woman
in the kitchen with dad putting paper on the floor!!!"

 "And part of the pear tree we love to climb
that daddy says is too close to the house
split in two (or maybe thirds) and fell onto the roof!!"

"Mom and some people next door have already
taken some of it down but mom said we'd need
someone with a chainsaw to get the rest of it down."

"I'm more worried about the fact that they put
our food in the front bathroom!!
At least they didn't put it into
the laundry room with our litterbox!!!"

"What was that they said??  I hope they are
going to end up with our food back in the kitchen!!"

"I need the number for the
National Association for the Abuse
of Siamese Mixed Cats Whose
Food is Put in Other Rooms??"

"Well, I'll just have to do it later.  I've got to do my nails!"
"Hands off my food!! etcetera"
(and you can get anything here from T-shirts to pet bowls to mugs to ...)


  1. Never mind the food...Does part of your roof need replacing????? :-O

  2. We don't know yet. I can't get up there and my husband just got home from Memphis so he hasn't been up there (although the final gig of Four Foot Gypsy went over well). If I can get help from people from the parish tomorrow I should know more.

    Once Dale got home he was commandeered by the friend of ours who is painted the kitchen. The Killz is up over about three-quarters of the wallpaper. Now that she's gone Da Boys will probably deign to come back inside.

    BTW Zaphy seems to be doing better. I've been giving him some Hairball Control treats and someone (only Bast knows who!) yakked up an enormous hairball with grass in it on the step-stool where Zaphy has been known to hang out.

  3. I hope your house is not broken? We have had bad storms too. Glad you seem ok. They should know better than to mess with your food-hands off that our motto! Thanks for the awesome award!

  4. Oh no! Hope the house is okay, that is crazy.

  5. yikes, lotsa-lotsa going on over there.