Saturday, June 26, 2010

Shhhhhh!!! Someone's Sleeping!!

Mister Kitten?  Are you asleep?

I've heard that sleeping makes your weight go down.

Wow!  How many cats can fall asleep doing yoga??

I know you're flexible, this makes... now wait!
You weigh 19 pounds now!!!

Tom likes to teach synchronized sleeping as well as graceful lounging.

 (goes to both sections - things you use/wear)


  1. Phew! Time for a cuppa tea...quietly, don't rouse the beasts!

  2. Schitzo Cat is so cute! I still can't believe he weighs so much! It's insane. Of course...Zaffy Cat would be able to sleep like that after all I, his young mommy, can sleep curled up on the chair in the living room pushed up against Jess's chair and half of my body off of it so my head is on her shoulder...

  3. Be very very quite...sleeping kittys.