Monday, September 20, 2010

The On-going Debate

Star's lump has gotten much much smaller so the consensus is that we wait a bit given the money situation.  I let him go outside today because a) he's finished his antibiotics (actually ate it out of Jen's hand last night, left one treat to have after it) and b) he's been jonesing so bad!  He's starting to sleep on the bed again at night but won't come up to me or eat treats out of my hand.  He has let me pet and love on him though.

"Halp!  Mom's been keeping me prisoner!!
And my fur hasn't grown back in yet!"

I came up with this one based on the rules for my own kittens!  ::grin::
"This message has been approved by Zaphy"


  1. Well, if the lump is getting smaller I think that waiting is a good idea - sometimes it just takes a while for stuff to kick in. Hopefully it will keep improving - we are still sending lots of purrs and prayers!

  2. Thanks! Oh and send purrs & prayers to my ex's cat Bruce, he broke his leg in two places!! He's almost healed but still...

  3. Hope Star keeps doing better.

    We saw your comment on the CB about your ex's-cat with the broken leg. Sure hope the kitty's leg heals completely.

  4. get all betters, Starry! love the kitten Hallyween checklist. must remind BA of all those good rules.

  5. Star, you may go out but no getting bitten! That's the rule.

  6. No bites at all. You heard MomKat Trish.

  7. We are the lump is getting smaller.
    Sending purrs for Bruce.