Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Strange Thing Happened Last Night...

Now it's not unusual for me to have a cat either on me or near me when I go to sleep.  However, normally it's usually Oberon or Zaphoid.  Last night I saw neither head nor hair of them.  Until a certain black cat came slowly, carefully creeping up my legs to my lap.  Could it be?  The Ninja Kitty aka StarWalker, who never ever comes up to anyone but is known to lay at the foot of the bed?

In a strange turn of events, Star sat in my lap and made it known that it was time to put down my book by beginning to lick my left hand.  You see, it's rather hard to hold on to a hardback book and read when one has a cat doing such a thing.  Ergo, I took his suggestion, and laid down my book and glasses in their appropriate places.  He continued to lick my hand as I began to pet him and got calmer and calmer... sleepier and sleepier.  Which was a rather odd thing.  For, you see, I had been having a bad day.  My fibro had been flaring hard and my pain levels were up, even with meds.

While this was going on, Oberon bounced his way onto the bed, noticed that his usual spot was taken and proceeded to flop all of his 15 pounds onto my husbands lap; making it difficult for my husband to work his crossword puzzle!  I turned off my light and Star settled down and began to curl up into my lap.  So I went to sleep on my back instead of my side, which is my usual sleeping position, because I didn't want to disturb him.  I woke up in the middle of the night, on my side, and he was sleeping at my feet; which where he normally sleeps.

The interesting thing is that Thomas rarely comes to sleep on the bed anymore.  He used to sleep with me when I was with my ex and after we split up.  But then I met my husband.  Thomas evidently approved.  Every time we were together he would come up to use and sit across us and purr.  Now we'd both been burned before so neither of us wanted to commit to a serious relationship or admit that we were falling in love with each other.  But for some reason, during a Titan's game, we turned to each other and said "I love you".   The rest is history, and now Thomas doesn't feel obligated to come on the bed that often.  When he does, he bosses everyone around, for he is obviously the Top Cat™.  So now you know.

It's all Thomas' fault!*

*I made my husband a shirt that says that!  ::grin::

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