Friday, September 11, 2009

Trick or Treat Section is done...

...and sadly so am I.  At least for the rest of the day.  Alas, my darling daughter, who is 16; has brought home a bug.  Not a pretty bug, nor a computer bug (although I suspect there might be one on her cpu which she hasn't even bothered to turn on in almost a week now... paranoid much?  I wonder where she got it from ::looks around the room innocently::), but an evile nasty viral bug.

And as such things conspire to do, both my 13 yo son and my heart & soul aka my husband, are not showing any signs of coming down with it.  grrrrrrrrr.  Oh well, at least that means we can get them to fetch drinks & things, yes?  But I did manage to go by the grocery which wore me out.  And I did manage, just now, to finish the Trick or Treat section "at" the store.  So, there are six new cats up...

Highly Illogical Holiday
Tricked Again!!
Emo Kitty... No Treats
Tonight... a broom
...I Give Toys
Official Potion Maker

Now I'm going to go collapse in the bed and take more painkillers & muscle relaxers & hope that helps.  I will, in all probability, be joined by Zaphoid¹ (if he isn't already there and then by the baby of the family (who also weighs the most, go figure!), Oberon.  I'll also take my temp again, last time it was only 99.8 which is a Good Thing™.  I'm crossing my fingers that I'll be up to working on the new section of Halloween tomorrow which only has four cats right now.  I'm going to be doing some editing on those, just changing the names, which is fairly easy.  Making "Witchy Kitty" into "Witchy Woman" and "Magic Man" into "Magic Cat", although I'm wondering if that last should be "Magic Kat" instead to match "Magic Kitty".

Okay, closing this post down everyone!  Hugs & purrs to those who want them & if I don't see you until later, have a safe & happy weekend!!

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