Friday, September 11, 2009

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde Indroduction

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde (TTMNKH) is currently comprised of four Tims.  They can't be Toms because they've all been broken (iow everything was working fine before they were neutered).  Each one was a rescued cat
Meet the "twins" Sir Thomas of Snuggle and Zaphoid Beeblebrox aka Dinner.  A friend of mine, who happens to be allergic to cats found a pregnant Queen on her doorstep.  Well, what's a woman to do??  She took her in and fed her and then there were four kittens.  It was pretty obvious that the father was Siamese.  They are the oldest of our cats and about 9 years old.
Thomas is the elder and well aware of it.  He is a Blue Point Siamese mix.  Weeeeell, that is, except when he decides to be a Red Point... or a Lilac Point.  Yes, once Thomas became an adult, he learned to change his coat at will... and he will.  Thomas, like all Siamese, is quite vocal.  He's very good though about letting me know not only what he needs but what everyone else needs as well.

He will stand by the door if someone wants in or out.  He comes and gets me if the food bowls are empty or the water fountain needs to be refilled.  And, of course, he is quite clear about his own needs.  When he talks you can ask him, "Thomas?  What do you need?  Show me." and he will go to the food bowl or the door.  He will come get me at my desk or if I'm in bed and in a firm voice let me know that Something Must Be Done Immediately If Not Sooner™!   One day when I was at the computer, he came and began meowing as usual.  I was busy and kept telling him "Just a minute, Tom".  Finally he became exasperated and said "Moo-oom!"  I startled and stared at him and he repeated himself quite clearly.  "Mooo-OOOOM!"  Whereupon I stopped and let him out as he desired.

His younger brother Zaphy is a Sable Point Siamese Mix.  He used to be quieter than his brother although he has always talked to us.  This year he has begun to need a lot of attention.  "Ma-wah! Mawah!"  which translated means "pet me and rub my head neowwwwwww!".  He also loves to be brushed.  He always sleeps at the foot of the bed on my husband's side.  No matter what my husband does to discourage it.  ::grin::

StarWalker BitCat the ComputerKitty is black with two small white spots... one on his chest and one on his belly button... although these did not appear until he was an adult.  He is the lightest of the Horde, weighing in at just over 10 pounds.  He is a trill cat.  

Star was found as a kitten with his sister at the age of approximately four weeks about 8 years ago.  They were covered in tuna, mewling at my ex and a friend of ours as they were walking a trail in a local park area.  I was in bed because of my knees (chronic myofacial pain), and my ex walked in with these two pitiful kittens who didn't even completely fill his two hands.  They were caked with tuna and covered with fleas.  He said, "Please don't be mad at me."  I sat up, looked at them and him and said, "However could I be mad at you?!  We need to give them a bath while someone drives to the store to get bottles and kitten milk!!"  Which is what we did.  Samantha, Star's sister, eventually moved to my ex inlaw's beefalo farm where she won the heart of my ex fil who swore he'd never have an indoor cat.

Vicious Miette Pumpkin Thunderblaster Knives Pterodactyl aka the Kitten aka Trouble aka Oberon. My red-headed step-child, Sarah, who is now 22, wanted a kitten.  She'd never really had a kitten because the "kitten" that she'd gotten as a child came to them at 9 months old.  Tanis Quat the Dragon Slayer aka King is a rescued Abyssinian mix who couldn't live in the house of the friends who'd rescued him because of issues with their Queen (spayed of course!).  He's now living with her.

But she wanted a kitten.  So Miette came into our lives, a little orange striped kitten that Sarah got from a woman who rescues cats.  Miette is now 3 years old and still called kitten occasionally.  At first we thought he was a she.  At first he got along with everyone and Star and Miette played chase games up and down the hallway.  But then things changed.  ::sigh::  It's a Good Thing™ that Tanis now lives with Sarah.

Now Miette is called Kitten or Oberon.  He is primarily the doorkeeper.  He likes to sit by one door or the other and watch who comes in or out.  He is also known as "flop cat".  He enjoys waiting until someone is sitting or laying down and then flopping himself down all over them.

All of our cats are sensitive to how we are feeling.  But it tends to go in order.  With me in the office it goes like this.  First of all, StarWalker is the ComputerKitty.  This means that he must be in the office.  He usually sleeps in the chair beside me.  He doesn't like it if the chair is not there.  Then he has to lay on the guest bed that is just behind me.  If he thinks that I'm overworking, he comes and gets into my lap.  Eventually he'll decide that I'm just not getting the message and will put his head on my wrist.

Oberon also will come up and get into my lap in the office.  This is not a Good Thing™.  He currently weighs just over 15 pounds.  I can tolerate him for awhile.  He also comes to me every night and flops himself over my legs as if to say, "Okay mom, now it's time to chill out and relax."  Of course, he also comes if I'm eating an apple.  He loves apples with a pink purple passion.  mmmmmmm apples.  I have trained him to sit if he wants any apple.  He used to just mug people.  Even to the point of trying to take the apple out of their mouth while they were eating.

Zaphoid is the third cat to come when someone isn't feeling well.  He also tends to hang out in the office but he prefers the pillows on the bed.  Actually, he prefers pillows anywhere.  But when I'm feeling my worst (I also have fibro) the cats start appearing.  One, two, three, four.  My husband will come in the bedroom and go, "You must not be feeling well today, you've got all of the cats with you."

So.  This is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.

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