Thursday, September 10, 2009

Okay... maybe not...

I came home with the cat food.  I fed the cats so they would not bite off our toes (this is a Good Thing™ since we need our toes).  I noticed that I was feeling a wee bit hot.  So, what the heck, I decided to take my temperature.  100.3.  This is not my usual temperature.  Generally I'm 98.7 on the nose.  As I was sitting contemplating this, along with the fact that I had not picked up the heart of my heart & the soul of my soul's meds (aka my husband), the phone rang.

It was my daughter calling from school.  Now she had been feeling a bit punk this morning but she's a Junior now and pretty determined to stay at school and do her work because all but two of her classes are honors courses.  ::sigh::  So off I went, stopping on the way to pick up the meds I'd forgotten earlier.  I had the thermometer in the car with me.  They pulled her out of her Latin II class and we got into the car.  99.7.  Of course, normally this might not be considered very high.  But Jennifer's normal temperature is 97.6.  ::head:desk::  Just what we need.  Because my husband is diabetic.  So when I called to tell him about this, his first words were, "Don't let her on my side of the bed!"  ::grin::

But that's why putting up more things today... just might not happen.  I'm off to eat lunch and push fluids!!

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