Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Time! The Time!

Which I just noticed.  This is a Good Thing™ since my kids really should take their night meds sometime before midnight!  Now, granted they are both teenagers now.  Oh wait, what was I thinking?  ::stares about innocently, whistling tunelessly, and rocking back and forth with hands folded behind her::  What was I saying?  Ah, yes!  The time!  It's about time for the Changing of the Cat Guard™ as well.  Oh you thought I was just making that up, huh?  No no no no no!  That graphic comes from vaaaaaast vaaaaast, make that vaaaaaaaast experience of the Changing of the Cat Guard™.  I've already Changed the Cat Guard™ at least three times tonight.

At any rate, I did manage to finish uploading all, and I do mean all (oh I'd kiss my computer but that would mean moving!!) of the Witchy Woman, Magic Man, Witchy Kitty, and Magic Cat graphics into Kat's Kats.  muahahahahahahahahahaha!  Oh no!!  Now I have to put them in!!  arrrrrrrrgh!  That's okay.  I just wish I could figure out a) how to make the link to the blog not look like... typing... ewwwwww. and b) now to nest things so that you don't have to see everything at the same time.  grrrrrrrr  It bugs the heck out of me and I don't know enough about programming to do doodleely squat about it.  PoohBears!!

::sigh::  That's okay.  I'm going to find a Good Book™, a Good Cat™ (or two... or three... dare I say it? four?), and Go to Bed™!!  Have a Good Night/Day!

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