Thursday, October 11, 2012

Thomas Baby Pictures!! Squeeeeee!

 "Hey! I'm trying to sleep here!"

 "That's better, bug my sister!"

 "Ha! I've got you now!!"

 "Hey! Where'd my tail go?"

 "Sleeping with my sister."

 "More miiiiiiilk please!"

 "YES! I am the Ultimate Shoulder Kitty!
What's a shoulder?"

"Momma? Can you make the flashy thing stop now?"

And now..... FROSTING NEEDS YOU!! Yes, YOU can help Frosting find a home!! She's adorable and gives love nips just like our own StarWatcher BitCat the ComputerKitty!! Go over to see Chrystal and check out Frosting!! While you are there play 


  1. Oh my gosh, Thomas is adorable! LOVE him holding his own bottle!

    Fingers and paws crossed that Frosting gets a home!! Soon!!!

  2. Thomas holding that bottle is the sweetest thing outside of their dear faces and tiny bodies I have ever seen.

  3. Oh gosh! Such cuteness!

    Thanks for the shoutout for Chrystal and Frosting. :)

  4. Such little cuties they all are! We wish Frosting good luck finding a loving home. With so much cuteness, it should be easy!

  5. Isn't he sweet holding his bottle? I had more pictures but they went bye-bye. I must say that it made things soooo much easier! There were times when I was the only one feeding both of them together. I can't imagine what Chrystal goes through!! I'll be shouting out for Chrystal in an attempt to get the Cathouse Clear by Christmas!! Whoot!!