Monday, May 7, 2012

It's a Knives' Life...

 "This is one of my favorites places to sleep."

 "Perfect temperature, just the right size..."

 "You'd better not be thinking about taking my place!!"

 "Ah yes, a cat and his boy... what could be better?"

"Oh yeah, gooshy food. Sorry for the picture, some of our CafePress pictures have gone missing. ::sigh:: But don't I look dashing? When mom has the energy she's going to put up a second TMNKH section!!"


  1. Hahahaha! Here Nelson say YES!!! The best place ever!

  2. Knives nods his head, "MOL! I was there last night too! Except when he wanted me to be there and then I would just lay down beside him. Ha ha ha!"

  3. Knives, you are a gorgeous boy! Why Audrey says unkind things occasionally, I will never know. Star...fanks you sweet boy. xoxoxox