Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mom's Diagnonsis

 "Hi! Friday mom went to see a new doctor who
specializes in Fibromyalgia (or fibro, which mom
has) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)."

 "Mom also has chronic myofascial pain
& bipolar disorder & depression."

 "Boy! It's a good thing she has us!! We tell her
when to lay down because she's doing too much."

 "The new doctor said that mom has severe fibro (she didn't know)
as well as CFS which she also didn't even know she had. He's
changed her medicine & therapy which should help. But now you know why we've been hit & miss this week! And may be in the future."

"We've been snoopervising mom making necklaces (and a couple of eyeglass holders, Zaphy is the best snoopervisor) to help relax. Someone said she should up them to sell online but mom has trouble getting out sometimes and she doesn't want anyone waiting on a package. A friend said they'd take them to the local Farmer's Market and if mom makes it to an SCA event she'll sell them there."


  1. It is my Daddy who is sick at our house. We knows how tough it can be!

  2. My woman has had that F stuff for a long time. It's truly awful; she can't do very much at a time and some days, nothing at all (except feeding and taking care of me). Absolutely the best info she's found comes from FM Network out of Tucson, AZ (for CFS, too).

    We send potent purrs to your mom.

    Taffy & my woman, Laura

  3. Star says, "Thanks everycat! Mom's on a fibro group on LiveJournal as well as gimp_vent & gimp_snark there. She's subscribed to a FM/CFS newsletter. What's the FM Network? BTW we're in Middle TN."

  4. Officially it's Fibromyalgia Network. Publishes an adv-free easy to understand quarterly newsletter with all the latest info on treatment options, meds, research findings, explanations of what's happening in the body, emotional issues, etc. They also send out occasional emails with more info. They take no money from big pharma, so can give unbiased info. I have subscribed for about 20 years; have never been disappointed. Their website is:, facebook page:, phone: 800 853 2929. The long-time editor is Kristin Thorson.

    We're in Michigan. Years ago a neighbor moved to Murfreesboro (sp?). Peobably gone now, though.