Monday, January 3, 2011

Did YOU Put It Somewhere Zaphy??

 "Mom's Imitrex self-injector is missing."

 "As you can see, I am totally innocent of everything!!"

 "I have NO idea how those treats went missing!!  No, really!!!"

 "BTW  Mom's godson's wife let mommy know that their
baby daughter is home from the hospital!!  YAY!!
Thanks to everyone for their purrs & prayers!!
The love of Star's life, Admiral, is doing better
but could still use purrs & prayers!"

"This is mommy.  I wonder if her kittens can find her self-injector now that they're home from their dad's house?  Mommy used me for the cat here because I'm soooOOOooo Emo.  I'm not sure how that makes sense but mommy said it did."  ::goes back to sleep::


  1. GAH! I'd be in a panic! Hope you find it ASAP!!

    xx Trish

  2. Thanks!! I had two syringes but I've already used one. ::sigh:: Now if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde would just find the self-injector for me!! ::crossing paws::

  3. Thank you sweet Ninja Kittehs fow visiting me. I think you all wock fow assisting youw Mom wif hew pains. I'm sending you my love and healing smoochie kisses