Sunday, January 2, 2011

Purrs & Prayers & Calendars...

 "We got a phone call from mom's friend Julie on New Year's Day.  She told us that baby Scarlett (her grandbaby, the daughter of mom's godson & his wife) had gone to the pediatric ER.  Scarlett is still in the PICU where they are monitoring her for seizures.  They said she has a virus but haven't said anything else yet.  Scarlett is six months old and they have put her on topomax and some other medication.  Purrs & prayers would be appreciated."

 "We are working on that & dad's left hand.  Daddy had
surgery for carpel tunnel syndrome on December 17th."

 "We are also purring & napping for my sweet Admiral (she's
doing better).  So, of course, I need lots and lots of treats to
keep my strength up.  No Thomas, you can't have my treats!!"

"Mom got this calendar from our shop.  Corwyn & Jennifer got the other calendar and went through it counting to see how many pictures there were of Zaphoid & Mister Kitten.  Stuff will be on sale a little longer since mom isn't up to repricing it yet!"


  1. Oh Star....MY hero! An' you know what? An evile Drinkwell attackted me! I walked into the kitchen and it was buzzing at me. Scared the fur off my back, it did. I told mommy I would NOT go where it was so she rescued me from it and made it go away! If YOU had been there Star, it wouldn't have dared!!!

    Mommy said she will include baby Scarlett in her prayers and your grandfather who had surgery on his paw, I mean hand. I will purr really really hard. ♥♥

  2. Star says, "My dear Admiral!! Oh no!! If it ever happens again, meow for me! I shall come and slay it for you!"

    "Tell your mom thank you! PS it was my dad who had his paw worked on. He'll have to have the right one done later. He tried playing guitar earlier today and mom almost smacked him! He does need to practice but still..."

  3. Poor kitty! What a sad start to the year. We're purring.