Saturday, October 2, 2010

LIVESTRONG - in particular Breast Cancer

"Hello!  I'm yellow so I'm being the Offious... what?  Oh!  Official Spokescat for Livestrong Day.  Please celebrate & support Cancer Survivors & Research as well as those Health Care Providers and Patients dealing with Cancer right now.  Mom has a special section up for Breast Cancer Awareness because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Normally these are found under Medical Expressions.  That's because mom's family has a history of post-menopausal Breast Cancer.  But mom messed up trying to put them in their own section this year and so she's having to put them in by hand.  meh.  There are five more that need to go in, one says 'Teach children about breast cancer' with Parent/Kitten Cat, one says 'I'm racing for breast cancer' with Chair Cat.  The others are versions of
'support breast cancer research' like this one!."

"Now mom has to take Corwyn to some kind of singing audition.  What is that??"


  1. What a great post! We hope that someday soon Cancer will be history

  2. We hope that one day this terrible disease will be gone and there will be no more need for a day like this. Until then, we LIVESTRONG.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  3. We, too, hope this disease will one day be a thing of the past.

    Purrs and Light to All Beings affected by this insidious disease.

  4. Purrs and light and love to all those and their furbabies who have this disease..have conquered it and all of their families. Mommy lost her mom and brother to this vicious killer.

  5. ::nods:: I don't think about it too much because we didn't have a close relationship for various reasons, but my late father (as opposed to my dad, my mom's 2nd husband) died from cancer. He had part of his throat muscle removed and they told him that there was a good chance it would go to his lungs. If it did, because he'd had each lobe collapse at different times while majoring in Chemistry at college, it would be 98% fatal.

    He called me the day they diagnosed it as having hit his lungs. He told me that his mother wanted him to go to the VA in Nashville to be treated. He hated hospitals. He didn't want to have treatment for something that was going to kill him anyway. The minute he said what she wanted I stopped him. "Don't worry. Don't go. I'll back you up." He checked out of the hospital the next day, his mother drove him home, where he went into his bathroom and bled out.

    Some day, no one will have to worry.
    Some day, no one will poison themselves to live.
    Some day, no one will have to give someone else permission to die because they love them.