Friday, October 1, 2010

I Helped Dad!!

"I am a hero cat!  Last night dad came home after his Pink Floyd tribute band practice.  I got up on mom's lap (I was wanting to make her go to sleep because she hasn't been going to sleep very well).  And I kept staring and staring and staring at dad.  Mom asked him when the last time he'd checked his sugar was (dad's been Type 1 diabetic for about 38 years).  He was very vaugue and said his kit was in his car.  Mom kept telling him that I was staring at him and she was worried.  Mom and I were right too!!  Once she got him to check his sugars were 377!!  Mommy is a good mommy for listening to me!  I am very proud of her."

"Okay, okay it's not really my dad but
I don't have a picture of us together."

PS we've put in some more Holiday Cards!


  1. WOAH! You're like... a DOCTOR cat! *awed* Well done my friend, I hope you heaps of cuddles as payment!

  2. We're impressed with YOU, that you knew something was wrong and that you got your mom to pay attention!

  3. Star says, "I learned from Christopher T. Cat who was the Founder of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde. He was around until I was about 4 or 5. He wasn't as shy as me and he would lay on anyone in the house who was sick. He was a real Healer Cat."

    Actually there are a number of service animals, dogs, cats, & birds, who all know when their companions need medication or to sit down or are about to have a seizure for instance. Alert service animals as well as therapy animals do a great deal of good but aren't as well known as service animals who help people who have more visible disabilities.

  4. I am completely impressed with your healing and knowledge. Mommy is typing for me (I get my claws stuck in the keyboard and I'm even slower than her) and she knows I mean that sentence!

    You are a hero and many mushy kisses to you from me, the Admiral.

  5. Wow, that is PAWSOME! You are totally a heroic doctor cat!!!