Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mom's Zipper is Gone! But Greenies are Here!!

Mom got her 'zipper' taken out yesterday.  She had to go into town and she & dad ran two errands on the way home.  This made her very tired so she just rested and iced her knee when she got home.  We weren't able to get up on the computer.

"Come on Star, give us a turn!"

The good thing was that mom & dad went to the cat food store.  We needed some more food.  They got us the multi-cat formula which our local grocery store doesn't carry.  But the bestest thing... they brought home Greenies!!!  Three different kinds!!  Yaaaaaaaay!!!  We love Greenies!!

"Just in time!!  We're all going to starve!
There was absolutely no food left here at all!!"

So after mom's knee was feeling a bet better (we're good at this!) and we'd eaten up all the rest of the old treats (we're good at this too!!), we got to have a Greenie!!  Yay!!  Mom will start feeling better & better and when her steri-strips come off she can take a bath and get in the pool!  (okay, once the pool opens).

"This way Mister Kitten, I'm telling you, they got Greenies!!"

It's the apron, of course!!


  1. Hurrah for being zipper-less! LOL. One of my co-workers had a (non-malignant) brain tumour several years ago and he showed us his "zipper" once he was out of the hospital. Kind of freaky. LOL.

    Yay for Greenies! :-)

  2. Glad your Mom is feeling a little better...We always run a little faster for Mommy when we hear the Greenie bag!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  3. Hurrah for all the good news! Greenies are DE-LISH! How is your Daddy's arm doing? Is he leaving it alone?

  4. "Dad is seeing the doctor about his arm this afternoon. We should be hearing from him soon. Daddy has not been leaving his arm alone. ::snerk:: Mommy's personal torturer will come this afternoon to make her exercise. The more she does this and walk, the faster her knees will get well."

  5. Yay! Greenies are the bestest!

    We are glad to hear your mom's getting better.

  6. GREENIES!! We love greenies!! You guys are so lucky!!

    And we hope your mom knee starts feeling better soon!

  7. We're so happy your mom is feeling better...we will continue to purr for her......YAY for your greenies!!!!!!!!!!