Monday, May 17, 2010

Computer Kitties...

"Hey guys!!  Not only is the screen too small
for me but now the escape key isn't working!!"
"Oh Poohbears!!  Now I'll have to look it and 
that means bothering mom even more!
Hmmmmm. I've got it!!  Hey! Zaphy!!!!"
"Hi mom.  You are sleeeeeeeeepy. 
Your arms and legs feel like weights.Yes, that's right. 
lay down on the bed.  Gooooood.  Take a little nap.  
You deserve taking a nap.  Sleeeeeeeep.  Sleeeeeeep.  
Okay guys!!  She's down for the count!!"
"Ah yes, Ninja skills triumph over all once again.

The link points to the cloth bag.  I'm trying to remember if I the shirt or the bag.
I know I made the choice based on what my children
would be less likely to cop out from under my nose!!  ::grin::


  1. We hope you're recovery well from the surgery! We can see everyone is taking good care of you. :-)

  2. Hope all is going well! Take care, my friend!

  3. Ahh haaa haaa!! That is great ninja skills going on there! We hope your mom is doing ok after he surgery!!

  4. Star says, "Mom is doing much better. I am supervising her Personal Terrorist... ummm... I mean Physical Therapist. Dad has been taking off his sling & his splint and mom gives him a funny look when he does it. Mom will get her staples out tomorrow and dad sees his doctor this week sometime."

  5. You Cats have got your nurse work cut out for you...we're glad you're still managing to get in the proper amount of napping!

    Purrs to your Mom & Dad.

  6. Oh how sweet the kitties are.

  7. We hope your parents are feeling better everyday!...Such adorable kitties, you are making us sleepy.........kisses friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki