Thursday, May 20, 2010

Me-om! What are you doing to my bed?!

Everyone who lives with cats knows how much they lurv laundry baskets, regardless of whether the clothes are clean or dirty.  Now this poses a problem either way.  If the clothes are dirty, it makes it difficult to pull out the clothes to put them in the washer.  If the clothes are clean ("mmmmmmm, Me-om!  How can we resist nice warm clothes??"), then you can't get them put up.  Depending on how long your feline companions have been in the laundry, you may have to wash the clothes all over again.  This happens a lot with my daughter.

While all of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde love clean laundry as well as empty baskets, the two who love laundry baskets the most are Mister Kitten and Zaphoid Beeblebrox.  In fact, if there are any baskets where they can get to them beware!!  Mister Kitten and Zaphy will be there!!  We have to work fast to get our clothes put up.  Unfortunately we're often not able to do that.  Our solution is to throw a piece of laundry that will cover the rest of the laundry.  That way we'll only have one piece of laundry to rewash rather than the entire load.

"Hey mom!  I adore this new cat bed you got for me!"

Now because I've had soooo many feline companions over the years who enjoyed sleeping in clothes baskets it's no surprise that I ended up going a bit nuts... ummm I mean, drawing a ton... ahhhhh I mean having fun making a lot of items for the CafePress store.

There are the bumper stickers...

and then the one where you can get t-shirts, Sigg bottles, mouse pads, yada yada yada...


  1. I've solved the hamper issue because I use a very tall wicker one that resides in my closet. Nicki will pull it over on its side if it's out when I'm getting ready to do laundry, but none of the cats sleep in it. :-)

  2. Our dirty clothes are normally in a three section cloth hamper. It doesn't have a lid but we've pretty much trained Da Boys not to get into it. Which they don't... except for Thomas when it's overly full. But occasionally we'll pull out a basketful to take to the laundry room.

    So Da Boys are more likely to have clean clothes or an empty basket than dirty clothes. And since I normally sort & fold the clothes on the bed there will be days when I am constantly going "Zaphy! No!" "Thomas! Tu das nicht!!" Mister Kitttttten!! What did I tell you about that?!" "Star!! Get out of that right this minute!!" So you see, we also play jump in and out of the basket on laundry days as well. ::chuckle::

  3. We have those pop-up type of laundry baskets - and the cats love them - clothes or no clothes. And when I try to put clothes in them it is a huge challenge to them to try and get them - I have no idea why. They are great, but awful at the same time.

  4. Pawsome nice toasty clothes pile! That's the bestest bed. The silly hooman we have puts all the fings up on hangies in the small room for some reason MOL

  5. Everything Mommy owns has cat hair on it; we call it love!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. Talking about laundry...
    What's the best way to remove kitties hair?
    Seriously ...

    At work, my boss sneezes when he is near me!
    He thinks it is the aircond ... hahaha