Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Kats!!

I spent the night last night in the local hospital.  I had some chest pain but it turned out to be esophageal.  Or at least that's what the doc thinks at this point.  Dale said that Da Boys were all hanging around the bed distraught.  Most especially Star, who was quite upset.  Of course, this may have been due to the severe lack of treats.  ::grin::

My sweet Star baby!!

I got home to three boxes of pressies!!  Yay!  One was from eBay with two new computer mice.  One is working fine and I need instructions to get the other one to work.  The second one was from Sock Dreams.  YES!  My black OTK tube socks and my three pack of gray quarter crew bamboo socks.  mmmmmmm bamboo.  But the last one I opened... the pièce de résistance... was a pressie from Amy & her Kitties!!  Enough Frontline to last the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde through July (well I'll need one in July but still!!) which I knew were coming... but there were also mousies!!!  Star noticed them at once and began investigating.  He immediately decided that one of the mice was His Mouse.  It's a soft natural color with a rope type tail.  He's already carried it off!!  Thanks Amy!!  Thanks Kitties!!  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitties say "Mousies!!!  Purrrrrrrrr!!!  Meeeeooooommmmm!!!  Why are you putting That Stuff on us again?!"  ::grin::  It took five minutes to get Thomas to eat treats after having Frontline put on!

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde says,
"Thanks for taking care of the fleas and things!!"


  1. Oh that stinks that you had to spend the night in the hospital - I get that weird chest pain/not really a heart attack but your stupid esophagus (which I can't spell) thing. I also get a gallbladder version of that (which is weird since it was removed). But I am glad it is only esophageal (still can't spell it) and not anything worse.

    I am so glad that the package got there - and that the mousies were a hit! The kitties always want me to include kitty toys (or sometimes dog toys) when we send stuff to our blog friends, even if it isn't originally supposed to be kitty related. And believe me I had a hard time keeping them from stealing those mousies!

  2. Me too! Or at least, I'm crossing my fingers... the new med hasn't kicked in yet and now my left shoulder is hurting like mad... grrrrr. It's still also possible that it's gallbladder (my mom had the same symptoms when it was her gallbladder). As for spelling... ha! This is why I use SeaMonkey. It's out of Mozilla and combines a browser & email and spellchecks on both. muahahahahahaha!

    That is so sweet!! And I understand about the stealing! Thomas is extremely bad about stealing. ::nods::