Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Work? What Work?

And that was on both fronts... now normally when I'm working on graphics for the shop; I end up going nuts, making a ton of them all at once with husband, kids, and cats all going, "Hey!  Hey! You're not only in pain but you haven't  eaten anything in hours!!  This is Not A Good Thing™!!"  Today there was evidently an Evile Cat Conspiracy™ to head that off.  I ate lunch with Star beside me.  As soon as I put the plate down beside me (I eat sitting up in bed so my legs are resting), there was a Changing of the Cat Guard™, with the Kitten Oberon, putting in a surprise appearance (he'd been upstairs bugging my sick daughter all morning). Oberon proceeded to plop all 15 pounds over my lap.

Now mind you, as my husband never fails to point out, I could always pick the cat up and move.  But I often feel that it's a sign.  Even more so now that I have a chronic disease.  Because I'll start to make moves to get up and the cat(s) will make themselves heavier.  As the Lord is my witness, this is so.  Fifteen pounds becomes twenty... twenty-five... Oberon?  What did you do?  Swallow a dwarf star?  At any rate, I made three Santa graphics this morning.  And one gray cat holiday graphic this evening.  At this point, I'm going to follow their continuing advice and get off the computer but I'll give you a little preview.

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