Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Changing of the Sleep Guard

While Star skipped a night, being a skittish kitty, he did join me last night.  This is a Good Thing™, since I sleep sounder when I have a cat beside me (or on top of me).  It seems that Star has learned that I truly need to turn over at night.  Several times I came up enough out of sleep to feel Star, not so moving, as flowing over me.  It was a very distinct sensation.  Not one that I have ever felt from any other cat.  I've had cats keep up with me turning, but never one that felt like this.

If you've ever read the Honor Harrington* series by David Weber, then you're familiar with treecats.  He felt like what I've always imagined treecats to feel like when they flow into someone's lap or onto their companion's shoulder.  It was wonderful.  My husband says that about 5:30 there was a Changing of the Sleep Guard™ and Thomas actually came in and laid beside me!!  He hasn't done that in ages and it was nice waking up with him beside me, even if he has a purr muffler.

What is a purr muffler you ask?  My husband teases and says that Thomas has a quite effective purr muffler these past few years because you can feel his purr or hear it if you get very very very (make that very) close to him but that's it.  OTOH when I lived in my old house with my children (long story), he had a very very very (make that very) loud purr.  So loud that you could hear him across the room.  Ergo, purr muffler.  A serious purr muffler.  I think that he switched his purring for more talkativeness.  Especially because he's now saying "ooouuuut!!" a lot more.  ::grin::

Sometime I will tell you the story of my cat, the late Christopher T. Cat, who was rescued at the age of about six weeks old with a broken hip.

*You'll need to scroll down to see the books.  This is the publisher's page.  The treecat url also has information about Honor Harrington.  If you like good science fiction, written with reasonable tech, good character development, in the style of Horatio Hornblower, then this is for you.  I have over 2,000 books in my SF/F library and have read many more.  I rate authors by how many times I want to reread their books/series.  I read all of these books whenever a new one comes out as well as at other times.  I think that speaks for itself.

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