Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Orphans or Why We've Been Gone

A friend of mine put up an 'all call' on Facebook a while back asking if anyone might be able to bottle feed two small kittens who her mother had found dead next to their mother. Her mom was about to start a new job as well as move to a new house and would no longer be able to keep up with them. They were at that point about three or four weeks old. ::sigh:: No one stepped up to the plate, and you know me. I asked her to check with the shelter there... Just In Case they might have a foster mom in the area. No joy. So we now have two new members of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde. Meet...

Rose Tyler
and her brother Thomas the Explorer
We were SO glad we had FUN FUN FUNdraiser toys!! And not just the set we'd bought!! Someone sent us a set too!! YAY!! Thank you soooo much!! Everycat loved them!! The feathery tail is almost gone off of the two kicky toys! Both hearts have been dragged off into the neatherworld. But the thing that we thought was the MOST cool was that the FIRST cat to play with the Winnie's Wish toy was our OWN Winnie's Wish kitty!! Audrey!! How cool is that?! Oh? Why have we been gone? Somecat (not naming names) peed on mom's laptop when the kittens first got here!! So we couldn't blog again until mom got a new puter!
"Everycat should have one of these!! They're great!!
I like the string too!"
"No! The string belongs to me!"

Here are the orphans at their very first vet visit!
It's cost a lot so far but we know they'll be worth it!
Which reminds us! Because we adopted the orphans, we were NOT able to adopt Hershey Bear or Maverick from Chystal!! They're two of the Winnie's Wish kittens available RIGHT NOW!! Please go and see if YOU may be the purrrrfect home for them!! Today's post is showing off Hershey Bear and Jo-Jo!! Don't forget to spread the news far and wide! Let's empty the cathouse!!


  1. Oh you are the best of the best! Sir Thomas surely gives his blessings and Star and Audrey..well, everyone does. Even if they peed on the computer.

    Thank you for helping those orphans. Much love to you and Star...fanks you dear heart. We missed you. xoxox

  2. Awwww what a sweet new couple of additions! What cute little faces!
    I'm so glad your kitties liked the toys! Sorry about the feather loss.. Leo, my feather boy, hasn't lost all his feathers yet, which surprises me to no end! (Anyone reading, toy sets still available, lol, helps Chrystal's rescue!)
    Seriously serious about emptying the cathouse! Adoptions needed so badly!!!

  3. Those two are the cutest little kittens! Thank heaven for people like you who open their home and their heart to those who need it. I'm sure you will be repaid many times over for your kindness.

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  5. How wonderful that the babies have a new home! Thank you kitties and mommy Kat for bein so unselfish and wonderful!