Thursday, August 11, 2011

Table Thursday...

 "First, get on the table."

 "Check for Feeders."

 "Make sure there is plenty of food & water
handy in case you need a snack."

 "Find a comfortable spot on the table.
Feel free to knock things off if you need to."

 "Put your head down and.....zzzzzzzzzzz"

 "It's always a good idea to set a guard to let you know
when a Feeder comes by so you can look innocent."

 "Always blame another cat in the house or your Evile Twin."

"Hey!  Without me, what would the Feeders have to do?!?"


  1. Good are gorgeous!! I think I didn't realise that as much as today. Hubba hunba ding dong DING!!!

  2. Staar...I'm waiting. Missed you,sweet one.