Monday, May 2, 2011

Operation Happy Sock!!

"Hai!!  I have a very very important thing to talk to you about today!  TOYS!!  Yes.  TOYS!!  You may not know this but many kitties are wandering around in the cold cruel world with NO TOYS!!  This travesty can no be allowed to continue!!  CATS MUST HAVE TOYS!!  Fortunately mommy came across a way to help CATS HAVE TOYS!!  I'm sure you're all wondering how you can do this.  Well I'm going to tell you. Break out your lazer eyes.  Use your lazer eyes on your Feeders and make them go to Operation Happy Sock.  They talk about how to make socks into catnip CAT TOYS!!!  Then how to take the CAT TOYS and donate them to cats who needs toys!   Sock Dreams just posted this link on their Facebook page and suggested that their crafty bundle would be perfect for this!  I only wonder how long they hold up!  I completely tore apart the only happy sock mom made thus far and took out all of the catnip and started on the stuffing!  Mean ole' mom immediately took it away when she saw the hole so that neither me nor the other Horde members ate stuffing!  We are all very excited about this project and are looking forward to tasting, ummm... testing the Happy Socks to make sure what kind of socks work best for cats and kittens who need CAT TOYS!!  We'd like everycat to please join us in spreading the mews about this great idea!!"

"This cat needs a Happy Sock!!  Make more than one today!!
A shelter in need needs you!!"


  1. I do agree all cats must have TOYS !!!!
    and It's interesting how make socks as a toys plus catnip inside. But my one must used my dad's old socks ! That's going to be awesome smelly toys..heh..heh
    Thanks for the news, I will have a look your link later cause I really like the idea donate toys to cats who needs toys! That's nice

  2. Mom has read about this before - but isn't sure how well some socks would hold up. Let us know how your research goes....

  3. That is a super idea. Safety first of course. one grooms like you. xoxox

  4. Wot a great idea. ALL cats need toys! Fact!