Monday, March 28, 2011

Bad Migraines!! Noooo Biscuit!!

 "Shhhhhhh!  Mom's been having migraines all weekend.
And it's been rainy so her ankle hurts too."

 "Do you think if I look cute enough someone will
take me out anyway?  Anyone?  Bueller?  Anyone?
Hellloooooo!  Pssst!  Who's Bueller, Star?"

 "We're playing migraine in the middle while Star tries to zap it with Supr Skrt Ninja Lazer Eyes from the hall.  We're sure this will work!!"

 "Uh, guys??  I don't think it worked.
Mom just pulled out that Imitrex sticky thing again."

"Oh noes!!  Not the Supr Supr Skrt MOMMY Ninja Powers!!
Run away!  Run away!!"


  1. Oh Star, Audrey, efurrybuddy..I am so sorry mommy has that mean old Migraine. But if she is listening, as where mommy can gets dat log thing to give me meds with.

  2. Poor mummy! Purring she gets better soon.

  3. Lots of Nurses here !
    I hope she will get better so soon !
    Big Hug for her

  4. Yoor poor mommy. We hope her head is much better soon. Purrs.

  5. Yes, please be nice to Mommy and cuddle Mommy and purr on Mommy and make the bad ole headache thingie go away.