Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doctor for Feeders (thank goodness no vet!!)

 "Ummmm, where'd mom go??"

 "Hey!  Knives may make me feel better but
I seriously needed to see my pcp yesterday!"

 "Good thinking, taking mom with you.  She's been
having 5 cat days.  BTW did you have to tell her I'd
gotten rid of... ummm... ah... lost my collar again??"

"I don't care where anyone goes as long as I get treats and pettings!!"

"This is what happened when mom & Jennifer
got to Doc Jones' yesterday." - Star


  1. OMC ! Your mommy eat your Tummy !!!
    Did she get hairball after that ?..hee..hee..hee

  2. Knives snickers, "That was mom's oldest kitten Jennifer. Fortunately for me it just tickles. I think it did give her a hairball though because she was coughing and mom took her to their doctor. My feeder is mom's youngest kitten Corwyn. He lets me lay on him. The only problem is that he won't let me sleep in his room at night."