Sunday, January 30, 2011

Silent Sunday... mostly

 "Hey!  There's a new black kitty blog over there!!
Kraft Kat Shack!  Mommy!  Isn't Kat your name??"

"Another bad day for mom so we're cheering her up."

PS Please go check out the info on Shelter Cat Saturday.
It's on Ollie's blog and concentrates on helping black &
predominately black cats find new Forever Homes!!
Thank you!!
Thomas, Zaphoid, Star, Knives & Audrey


  1. Mommy and I wish that would just go away for effur from you!

    Efurrybuddy take good care of mommy and make sure she gets lots of warm fur pressing on her and loud rumbly purrs. I will add mine. I he she hears them.

    Star, come on over later after mommy feels better and you can nap on those fresh sheets you saw. xoxox

  2. Omc, I see my BFFC, Admiral, is hot on Star's trail again ;)
    Now, kitties of the Kat household, curl up with your mom and keep her hurtin' parts really warm. That will help. We are going to do our part for her over here by sending extra loud purrs her way.

  3. Poor thing, we're purring for her and hope she gets better soon.

  4. I hope your mom feels better soon! :( We will purr for her. Thanks for telling us about the new black kitty blog. We went over and said hi!

  5. You guys are so sweet to cheer up your mom when she isn't feeling well. We are purring and praying for her to get better soon...

  6. Well wishes to the mom. Kitties do your job cheering mom up - I know she loves it.