Saturday, January 29, 2011


 "YES!  Mom and Corwyn are going shopping and
I'll love you and squeeze you and pet you and..."
"If you call me Mumfred I'll scratch you!!"

 "Da-ad!  Da-ad!!  I need love too!!"
"You do know that I don't like any of you, right?"

 "Okay, mom and I are going shopping and then
when I get home we'll take up where we left off."
Star - "No problem."
Audrey - "You'd better!!"

 "All right boy, you promised you'd be coming back and I'm going to... wait.  How can I keep an eye for you if the door is closed??
Hey Boys!!  Give me a hand here!!"

PS check this out!!  Pass it on!!


  1. Oh yes! We LOVE the chest and land on it every chance we get! It's so nice and squoooshy and we can drool that much closer to Mom's face -- heaven!
    We don't know what's going on with Mom right now. She's sitting on the floor laughing over ""You do know that I don't like any of you, right?" I think you tore her up :D

  2. Thank you for sharing,

    I have a black cat that looks very much like yours. I'm not sure if she was abused, abandoned, or feral. I posted it on my new cat blog.