Monday, January 10, 2011

It's January... So It Must Be SNOW!!

 "Look!  Look!!  At about 2400 it started snowing!!"

 "In fact, the school system called mom last night
about 2000 and said 'no school tomorrow!'"

 "I went out this morning and there were FOUR INCHES of SNOW!!"

 "I debated several times on if I wanted to go out or stay in.
I've gone out a few times but sometimes I go right back in
because the snow is still there!!  The school called about
1000 and said school would be closed tomorrow as well."

"We're sending a complaint to see if Something Can Be Done."


  1. ICK! The snow is up to your HEELS!

    Stay in, for Cod's sake.

  2. Be careful! If your bean don't have to drive, tell them to stay off the roads. Stay warm and dry and safe, everyone!

  3. Brrrrr, cold! Too cold to go out. Are you having your tuna delivered?

  4. That looks cold, becareful out there and bundel up.

  5. Don't get your tiny toes cold my friends!!

  6. Oh no! Snow! We hope that it goes away quickly and the schools re-open soon!