Monday, December 20, 2010

Stocking Stuffers!!

 "I was very very sweet to mom and slept with her,
unfortunately she still didn't get much sleep.  This was bad
because mom had to take Jennifer to a doctor's appointment."

 "Zaphy!!  You have to love on me!!  I be at my dad's
house for two weeks starting Christmas Day!!"

 "Don't look at me!!  I just want to watch TV!"

 "Hey!  Mom!!  You brought in stocking stuffers from your trip!
Are any of those for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde?!?
Remember, We Want GREENIES!!"

"These make good stocking stuffers but we don't drive... okay, Thomas & Star have tried but mom wouldn't let us have the keys.  Mom is such a poohbear sometimes!!"

"PS mom's store has stockings in it too and 
we're going to make her put everything on SALE!!"


  1. Star says, "She got down as far through Occupational Cats and as far up as through most of Medical Expressions (she's working on Bipolar still). So there are still three sections that need to be done. Mom has to go in by hand and she's hurting too much for us to let her work anymore today. Enjoy!!"

  2. Stockings.... we like shredding them and clawing them. Didn't realise they could come stuffed. We want ours stuffed with HAM!

  3. Ummmm...stockings. With fuds in them?

  4. Thomas says, "Mmmmmmm, ham. Hey mom!! Dad used to give his Maggie May tuna for Christmas!! How come we don't get ham or tuna for Christmas?!?!"