Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Out All Night... Why Didn't Someone Let Me IN?!

 "I'm exhausterated!!"

 "I'm starving!!!"

 "Daddy said it was all my fault!!"

 "Hey!  I told you to come in last night!!  I even came in last night!!"
"Well, just because dad kept telling me..."
"Mom's got most of the stuff in the store on sale!
We'll let her do some more stuff later."


  1. Oh, you is tired ! I can see that! You be sure to sleep all day so you can be attentive to mommy and daddy tonight, you hear?

    PEE ESS: Star, you yummy satiny ball of midnight, I would love to be groomed by you.

  2. Sure feel free to e-mail our mum
    Luka and Boo :)


  3. Star says, "Thanks Luka & Boo!! Our mom just sent your mum an email!!"