Friday, December 17, 2010

Ouuuuuut!! Ouuuuuuut!!

 "Well??  The white stuff went away!  I just had to go outside!!
It was imperative!!"

 "And it had stopped raining too!!  But now it's getting colder.  Moooom!  Let me iiiiin!  Let me iiiiiin!  Hey!  Zaphy!
Better get in while mom's calling or you'll be out ALL NIGHT!!"

 "MOM!  MOM!  DAD!!  KITTENS!!  I was out ALL NIGHT!!
Why didn't anyone call me?!?!"

 "Don't look at me!  I was smart and listened to mom.  So I stayed inside and I was warm and cozy.  And since the dryer is still dead I didn't even have to worry about mom yelling at me getting fur on
the clean clothes!  Whoooohoooo!!  We-ell, I did get in trouble for playing dominance games, whatever those are."

"Come on mom!  They're warm and soft and comfy and..."


  1. That snow will give you cold toes!! Avoid! Avoid! Stay sitting on the warm laundry!

  2. Oh oh, you need a cat flap. Or a personal servant standing by 24/7

  3. Zaphy pouts, "We have a cat flap!! But it's one that dad made that's in a piece of plastic and it's not insulated enough to keep open in the winter. Harrumph!! Mom's here most of the time but sometimes she hurts too much to get up or she's at a doctor's office. Or mom & dad are sleeping too deep to hear me when I call!! Corwyn usually hears me but he was really really really sleepy the last couple of days. Mom found out this morning that he actually fell asleep during one of his mid-terms!! And Jennifer sleeps two stories up so she's no help at all. Harrumph!! So I made sure to come in early tonight."

  4. Oh my, kitties, you need to pay attentions.