Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slothful Sunday... just because

 "Mister Kitten and I are chillin'"

"I think Thomas makes a good pillow."

"Sorry!  You'll have to use the other bathroom!!"
(I have to admit that this one really got me!!
Maybe I can get a new camera for Christmas!)

::sigh::  Now we just need to figure out a way to get more green papers.  meh.  I've got school fees for the kids (Variety costumes, choir costumes, JCL fees, food for the rest of the month,
yada yada yada.  ::head:laptop::)


  1. Haha! That last picture cracked us up. Be careful you don't fall in!

  2. Doing a little CATch up work today and wanted to say thank you for leaving kind words at my place when my grandma left. Your kind words helps us all to feel a little better when we were sad. What a good friend you are!
    Thanks from,
    Gracie, Daddie, & Mommie

    ps: You are all so sweet in your photos. I want to come back and chill out with you again.

  3. That stretch across the toilet..that's some moxie.

    Mommy has to take me for blood tests and an allergy shot IF she can catch me. $$$$$ so she feels your pain.

  4. MOL!!...Stretching out across the toilet photo is too silly!...Love the cuddle photo too...Hope you guys have a fun week...xoxo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. oh my! how did you get your kitty sit on the toilet seat :D I love your cats! Both too cute <3

  6. OMC! The last photo is a total crack up! Or photoshopped...MOL!

  7. Oh that last picture is just priceless! And impressive too - no falling in like at our house!

    And oh, the green papers - I hear you on that one! It is so fun isn't it!

  8. Luck & paws crossed & purrs for everyone!

    The last picture was caught when I went into the bathroom and saw Mister Kitten just chillin' out like that. I backed out as quietly and got the flashy thing. Sure enough, Flop Cat was still Flopping when I got back and I managed to get the photo!! I knew he slept in the sink & drank out of the toilet & slept on the lid... but across it open?!?!