Monday, October 11, 2010

Columbus Day Sale at Cafepress! (not just us!)

 "For once I have nothing to do with it.  Cafepress is offering
20% off if you use the Supr Sekrt Code."

 "It's for something called Columbus Day.
What do I care about that??  Mom is out of treats."

available in Winter Holidays in cards, other stuff, & clothing
"Harrumph!  Maybe if I tell you Santa will at least take away that dog.  So, any store in CafePress, use the Supr Sekrt Code 'Columbus20' today (without the ') and you get 20% off of your purchase.  So if you're planning on getting Halloween, or Breast Cancer, or Winter Holiday stuff from mom or someone else,
neow is probably a good time to get it."


  1. Great photo, handsome Zaphy and cute graphics!...Kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  2. Thanks! I don't think I've ever taken a bad picture of Zaphy!! And the kids dad has gotten a job finally so once that starts coming in and past due bills are paid I can save up for stuff from the store that the kids want for Christmas!! ::grin:: Purrs from Da Boys!