Tuesday, October 12, 2010

They're Doing It Again!!

 "You are getting sleeeeeeeepy, very very sleeeeeeeeepy.  You will go to mom's store.  You will use the CafePress Halloween Sale of 15% off by putting in the code SPOOKY15.  This will also work on any Halloween items in CafePress.  When you wake you will check your green papers and plastic and see if you can afford to get something but regardless you will wake feeling refreshed and full of energy."

 "Trick or Treat section"

 "Witchy Kitty or Woman; Magic Man or Cat"

"Nine different versions!  heh heh heh"

And Star has been lying down on the bed with me most of the day.  This is a Good Thing™.  My husband got groceries on the plastic last night and brought me home an inexpensive bouquet of roses because he knew how depressed I was.  He also got kitty treats.  The Teenage Mutant Ninja Horde and I have decided to keep him.   ::grin::


  1. Oh we hope the sale goes on for a while - we want to get stuff but mom is kinda broke and hasn't been able to get anything fun she wants.

    It was great that your husband brought you roses - that is so sweet! We think it is good he got the treats too, because otherwise those roses could've become the treats for them!

  2. We'll have the Halloween stuff on sale the week of Halloween & the week after, and the Breast Cancer Awareness stuff the last week of October (but it will stay up all year).

  3. CafePress runs different sales all the time so I'll try to post them as they do!

  4. My mom andI love what you have. My mom's green papers were laid out yesterday at the v-e-t for my allergy shot, an antibiotic 2 wk. shot, and she's still gasping. But that doesn't mean she forgot you. Besides, I have a slight crush on Star so I keep making her come here.

  5. Star says, "We just saw that, mom understands the green paper thing. It's okay, I have a slight crush on you too. ::wink::"