Thursday, June 10, 2010

This is Not Trash the House Day!

It was the weather.  It must have been the weather.  I have a tendency to tell my children and my cats "Tu das nicht!" when they are doing something of which I disapprove and wish for them to stop.  I also count in German from one to ten to keep my temper.  When the cats are standing or sitting at the door I will open it and count in either English or German from one to three, occasionally putting in "Raus! Raus!  Raus!"  or "Hurry, hurry!" or "Last call for alcohol!" before the word "drei" or "three"

Yesterday?  Well, let's just say that I spoke a lot of German yesterday.  There was nose-bopping, scruff-holding, flea combing, etcetera.  And I did the same to the cats as well!  ::grin::  They all did have some moments of goodness.  And they did do better than on Tuesday!!

In other news, the pool is starting to turn blue (we use Pristine Blue rather than chlorine).  Soon we will have the pool to play & exercise in while Da Boys ramble around us on the deck.

"We didn't do it!  We swears!!"

"I have nothing to do with the state of the bed.  No, really!!"

"Shhhhhh!  Now, this is how you use
Ninja powers to get into the closet."

"is bumper snicker...
mom says it all the time... we're not sure why!"


  1. I use Spanish or French. I bet German sound much more intimidating...

  2. Well, I am strictly English here - Brad will sometimes use Spanish but it has been too long since any of my assorted language classes (I did actually take German as a little girl because a friend went to German school and I begged to go with - I can do 1-10 and a couple other words and that is it - I switched to French and Italian in Jr High/High School/College). I remember my friend getting in trouble in German (her parents were from Germany) and it always sounded really intimidating. It must work pretty well!

  3. LOL! So it is/does, but the "Gute Katze" & "Ich liebe dich" sound good rather than intimidating.

  4. Our Mommy just uses off color words sometimes, whatever that means :)...Happy day sweet, handsome boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  5. Only English here -- I wish I could learn another language....I think it would be fun!

  6. I have to admit that I've lost a lot of my German, although I took 3.5 years in high school as well as making it my minor. I've seen books for learning languages where you can take stickers for the word in that language and stick it on the item. However, I do not recommend sticking "Katze" on your cat.

  7. Thank you for stopping by my page and sending my brother good thoughts, we really appreciate it.

  8. You're so welcome. The giving of Good Thoughts is a blessing in itself for it grows and grows the more people it touches. (okay, we hope so anyway!!)

  9. hmmmm. Our Mommy has a foul mouth compared to you...she uses English and a lot of her words start with the letter after "E". Mommy needs to learn German, we think!