Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ack!! "Ack!! Ack!! so it's Tummy Thursday!

Yesterday was... weird.  I kept dropping pens and things.  Falling asleep while eating.  Saying a word that wasn't anything like the word that was in my head to say (and omg! the typing!!!!).  It's still doing it today.  I'm waiting for a phone call from my pcp like a good cat!!  "You'd better", says Star taking up his gray cat position.  Just another thing to make my life interesting... whee!!  at least the kids are home from school.  Wait, that might or might not be a good thing.  ::wink::

"This is my biggest Star!"

"But I like this picture better."

"I am stretching to show my tummy to Da Girls.
I am a Super Sekret Spy."

"If Thomas says he taught everyone to do this he is lying like a demon dog!!"

 "Do you mind??  I'm tryin' to get cleaned up for a nap!  What?  Really!!"

"Really?!  Weeeell, I was going to take a nap but,,,,,,,,,"

"We like Sigg bottles (where thus one points to)
because they don't get trashed,  We recycle as much as possible."


  1. Oh, my...All great tummy pics! :-)

  2. Aww... such cutie tummy piccies!!!!

    - Reenie (just before Sherkhan took her over)!

  3. Love the tummy shots; our Mommy would love to rub those awesome furs!...Hope everyone is having a fun day!...kisses handsome boys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. HA! Star's star...MOL!

    Mommy says getting your train of thought derailed is the first sign of mens-o-paws. We just don't get it...

  5. Oh noes!! Not the mens-o-paws!!! You may not get it but we may be! ;-)

  6. Oh the train of thought thing could also be a sign of fatigue. I get it when my narcolepsy acts up and I am really tired (though I don't always feel it as being different). And all the kitty tummy shots were awesome - super cute kitty tummies are always a good thing!