Monday, June 7, 2010

Aaaiiiiieeee!! Run Away! Run Away!

We have been invaded by Pernicious Fleas and my children's youngest stepsister.  We don't mind the stepsister, who will be here for a week.  She's going to crack the whip & help Jennifer... or should I say, Big Jen, since her stepsister is also named Jennifer!... clean her room!  Yaaay!  Howsoever, the Pernicious Fleas must GO!  ::sigh::  No one is happy with the Pernicious Fleas.  Oddly enough, my son has the most trouble with them.  Not only is he super sensitive and feels every one that lands on him, but they love him.  No wait, I mean they  lurrrrrrrrve him.  Given the choice between a nice juicy kitty and my son... they choose Corwyn.  No, really.  They do.  Darn old Pernicious Fleas.  Bad Pernicious Fleas!!  No Biscuit!!

In other news, since Little Jen came last night, all of the children were up until 0300.  How do I know this?  I have this strange mommy gift of not sleeping well until everyone else in the house is sleeping.  Darn ole' mommy gift.  Well, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde can still be up, but they are cats.  Cats have dispensation.  Everyone else must sleep.  It is the Mommy Rule.  ::narrows eyes::  "But mom!  How did you know I was up until 0300??"  "Special mommy powers!"  And if my special mommy powers fail me??  HA!  I can always buy information from my cats.  After all, what is the point of having a Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde if you can't use them??  muahahahahahahahahaha!!

"Can't you kids see I'm trying to sleep here??"

"I mean, really, I need my beauty sleep!!"

"They are being rather loud."

"Yeah! I'm trying to work here!"

"This is dad's fault.  No, really!! 
He discovered our hidden communication system
hidden among his amps.  The link leads to the page
with your things/clothes page."


  1. Oh that stinks that the fleas have invaded! And it double stinks that they really like Corwyn a lot! And wow, 3 am - way too late for me!

  2. fleas! uuuuggghh! Will you have to bomb the house? Mommy feels bad for your Son, fleas love her, too.

  3. Ugh, fleas. We got'em too. Step one is Advantage on the cat crew so they aren't so miserable and this is done. Step two, the cleaning of the house, is in process.

    Fleas bite, and they suck too. :P Happy hunting the little b@&tar#s.

  4. Fleas? Aaackk! Good luck getting rid of them. And in getting some sleep!!!!

  5. We never had fleas but plenty of ants and they are hard ot get rid of.

  6. ::shudder:: Ants are Pernicious too!! We just got rid of some.