Thursday, April 15, 2010

Whew!! It's Almost Friday!!

Yesterday I was at my orthopedist's office doing pre-op for my right knee replacement.  All day long!!  By the time I got home I was too exhausted to even check email.  This morning I saw my orthopedist himself (along with the baby doc).  Both appointments were early which meant traffic, traffic, traffic!  I was glad to have my honorary brother (and his nearly 4 year old daughter) to drive me.  It was also nice to have my sweet Star sleeping on my leg both nights.  He doesn't seem to want to sleep on the pillow anymore but he did cuddle up which made it easier to get to sleep.  With luck, I'll soon be able to get a new inexpensive digital camera so that I can get new pictures of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Kitty Horde.  Until then...

Mister Kitten: "You're right, the piano makes a nice perch!"
Star: "Yeah, just remember that it's not only my perch first but
mom gets really mad if you knock anything off of it!!"

A tile coaster!  How apropos!


  1. Wow that seems like a very long day for pre-op stuff. I guess not having had a knee replacement before I am not really an expert on it but seriously that seems too long. And yes, we are very glad that it is almost Friday - it can't come too soon!

  2. We are very much looking forward to Friday, too. Good luck with the pre-op stuff, and good luck with your operation! We are sending purrs and prayers your way. :)

  3. At least I didn't have to take the pre-op class! They have to check your heart function and meds etcetera as well as doing blood work.

    Friday rocks! I expect the operation to go well since the last one went so well. Thanks for the purrs & prayers!