Sunday, September 20, 2009

First scared me, then scared the cat...

I have done all I can for today.  And just as I was working on the last set of cards, suddenly my keyboard wasn't working!  Oh no!!  Okay, I thought my keyboard wasn't working.  I tried it over in my composer and it worked find.  Hrmmmmm.  But it wasn't working where I needed it in my store.  This was bad.  This was beyond bad.  This was... dump dump duuuuum!... ssssserious bad.

So I pulled out the big guns.  Yes, I was worried enough.  Tired enough.  Not Thinking Enough™... that I pulled out the compressed air.  Now, mind you, Star is ensconced not more than 20" (for all the engineers out there, yes, I measured... yes, I'm like that) from the keyboard at the time.  This was Bad.  Very Bad.  Really Really Really... BAD.  Of course, I put my hand between the keyboard and Star.  But nothing, and I mean nothing, gets a cat like the sound of something spraying.  It sparks Terror in the hearts of cats.  Don't ask me, I don't get it either and I've been living with them for 48 years now.

So he goes supersonic speed OFF of the chair, hitting the corner of the doorway to the approximately 16" off of the floor for a loss of 2" from the height of the chair (yes, I measured again).  I'll bet you anything I'm going to have to track down more treats.  Now if I can just remember where I left them.

Storewise, I'm getting of the 'puter but I did manage to get three sections started with three graphics in each one.  Each section will carry the same graphics but each sections will have different items.  For example, if you go to Winter Holidays, you'll see three gateways... each one leads to a different type of product stock (does that make sense?  I'm exhausted at this point!)  sooooooo...

Winter Clothing has your shirts, sweatshirts, kid & baby shirts
Winter Gifts has mugs, mousepads, aprons, coasters, ornaments yada yada yada
Winter Cards has cards with the first set being blank and then A-D each having a different message inside.  Oh! and two postcard types... vertical & horizontal

Now this is just the general "Season's Greetings", "Happy Holiday" section.  I'm also planning "Hanukkah", "Christmas", and "Kwanzaa" sections.  Christmas will probably be the largest simply because I have so many Santa kitties ready... there are at least two very evile ones asking Santa... no no... not gonna tell ya!

So... something to leave you with?  Hmmmmm.... Oh yes!!  From the Medical Expressions section... which I will work on sometime... as I will with all of the sections... but this is one that I came up with when I looked into my morning med box which has fiber pills, fish oil, glucosamine, vitamin, magnesium (prescribed), plus all the other prescribed meds I have to take ::sigh::  I said something about this to someone else later and they said "That would make a great shirt!  I want one!!" so what could I do??

BTW Never, ever, ever take medication that hasn't been prescribed for you.  It can KILL.
(moi?  mince words?  naaaaaaaaaah)

Have a good night/day!

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