Thursday, November 21, 2013

Merlin's Request
As many of you know, our Sir Merlin Fuzzybutt has had seizures.
We are starting a booster campaign to raise money to pay for his blood work and to take all of the Horde to the vet for their annual visit, get shots and to get a year's worth of Comfortis due to the hideous flea situation here (nothing else has worked!!!).
if you would, please take a look and share!

 The shirts are $25 and come in ALL sizes!
Any extra money will go into a dedicated account for future vet bills.


  1. We hope the shirts sell quickly so Merlin can get his blood work done and the other kitties can get their exams.

  2. Thanks! Nothing so far but I'm hopeful. I have to sell at least 20 shirts to get anything and I've bought three myself. If nothing else, maybe it will help get the word out about epilepsy in cats. Many people don't know that cats can have it as well as people.

  3. I've only sold four shirts thus far. I've got ten day to go but it's not looking good. I was hoping I'd at least make enough for Merlin's blood tests. :-(