Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birthdays, Another Vet Visit & Depression!

 "I'm three years old now!! Thanks for all of your birthday wishes!!"

  "On the 12th I had to see our vet. See how swollen my cheek is? He gave me an antibiotic shot. My cheek isn't as swollen anymore. I will see the vet again at the end of the month. But it cost $98. That brings up our vet bill to $425. "

 "This is one of the reasons mom has been so depressed lately. We've been being extra cute to help her feel better. Anyway mom is selling some stuff to try to pay the vet."

 "This is a small pet pack. Rose loves hers! But none of the rest of us fit! Mom paid $20. We don't know what the shipping will be but it should fit in a priority mail box."

 "These are kitten or extra-small cat harnesses. Da Orphans loved them when they were small! Mom paid $10 for them."

 "For some reason we can't get a good picture of these!! Poohbears! The engagement ring cost $2610 in 2006 and has an emerald center stone with two square cut diamonds to either side and two smaller square cut diamonds to either side of those. The wedding band has 10 square cut emeralds. Both are in white gold. I don't know how much the band cost."


  1. Happy birthday! Ouchie, that cheek looks painful! We're sending hugs and purrs for your mom!!

  2. ouchie. That cheek looks sore, sore, sore. We hope you start feeling better soonest.

    Purrrrrrsss to your Momma. Momma, if you are trying to sell fancie jewelery like that, you might want to check with a jewelery store, if there is one around close. They might be able to give you a price range, or even someone who might buy it. It might be worth checking around for an auction, too.

    We hope things work out for you all.

  3. I actually went to the store where we got the engagement ring first but they're not buying. :-( And there's not another store in town that would buy.

    1. bummmer. Thought it was worth a shot, anyway. Another joy of small town living, we suspect.

      Have you considered offering the rings in trade to the V*T? Might be worth discussing with them. If nothing else, they might know of someplace where you could sell easier.

    2. I'll check when I take Star back in for his recheck. His cheek isn't as swollen now so I'm wondering if it's just an abscess or abscessed tooth rather than a tumor.