Monday, February 4, 2013

Post 700 - Jiggity Jig Home Again

 "On Feb 1,2013 Merlin & I saw our first snowfall."

 "I decided I don't like it pretty fast."

 "On the other hand, I love snow! It's the Maine Coon in me!" 
 "As you know, Friday I saw the vet because I pulled out the middle two of six stitches. On Sunday Jennifer noticed that when she lifted me up for stitch check it was pooching out. She was worried that I might have a hernia and she called our vet (best in Murfreesboro, TN!). Dr. Alexander met us at the clinic to check me out. He told Jennifer (I'm her first adult rescue) that it was just inflammation and because of me doing too much. Which means that Jen (mom) and Mom (gamma) won't let me out and about in the house where I can chase my brother up and down and are viciously making me stay with Mom in her bedroom & bathroom. Harrumph!! At least Jen is giving me gushy food! Oh and Dr. Alexander didn't charge us anything because all he had to do was look at me. Our vets rock! Why mom goes there for operations like spays!"

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  1. We don't like the snow either... brrrrrrr
    Now you just sit there and look cute and rest and recover, silly girl! Then when you're all better, you can go back to chasing and running!

  2. Rose says, "But... but... but... I don't wanna!! Unless Jen-mom gives me gushy food to distract me from getting to go out of mom's bedroom.

  3. We don't like that cold white stuff, either. We're sorry to hear you pulled those stitches, but glad that all you need is some rest and less activity to get better! :)

    ConCATulations on your 700th Post (Me-WOW)!