Thursday, January 10, 2013

It Was Knives... In the Kitty Cube... With His Boy...

 "I like this.I think we should keep it right here."

 "Who's tail is that? Hey! You're blocking my photo op!"

 "See? My boy knows to be behind me. So my beauty shows!"

"We each got half a can of gooshy food for Christmas!"

"Mom made this for my boy. I think she should put it in the shop!"

Zaphy is still missing. Thank you for everycat (and feeder & woofie) who has been praying for his safe return!


  1. we hate it when somecat's tail interferes with our pics!!!

    paws crossed for Zaphy....

  2. I am so so sorry that he is still missing. Poor baby. May he be guided back to his home. xxxooo

  3. We have a little corner unit like that one. It's a great place to hang out.

    We hope Zaphy comes home soon. Many purrs for his safe return.

  4. I love Knives' name! Don't know if I've ever said that.. Actually, love all your kitties names! Photobomb tail! MOL

    Zaphy, come home!

  5. Excellent!
    Hey! Wes has a kitty cube JUST LIKE YOURS! Me has not seen it since the Cat Toy Tree went up! Me thinks the peoples has puts it in the basement!