Saturday, December 10, 2011

Who Occupys October?

"We've given toys instead of candy for ever since I was rescued
and became a Horde member.  Zaphy says that that's true for
him as well.  I like seeing the costumes but I do not like the
strange feeders trying to pet me all at once!! What about you?"

PS We'd love to have you check out our store!  Our Feeders get a new ornament for each person every year and today they're going to pick out which ones they want for 2011!!  Mom writes their names & the year on the back so no one forgets which one belongs to whom.  When Jennifer & Corwyn have their own Christmas trees one day mom will give them their ornaments so they'll have a good starter set!


  1. Hi sweet Star. xoxoxox

    I wish Mom had thought of personalized ornaments for my brothers.

  2. Star says, "Good morning my darling!! I'll be rushing right over for your morning grooming!! This tradition helped mom with her first tree but Jennifer & Corwyn will have even more because their Gramma Maggie gives them an ornament from another country every year (she travels for work) so they get at least two ornaments a year!! It's never too late to start and the cool thing about it is that you begin putting up memories on the tree.

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  4. Audrey says, "If I'm understanding everycat right, you or mom or dad pick out an ornament and then mom (or you) write your name & the year on it with a sharpie. Some of the ornaments cost 99 cents and some are spensive but most are closer to ~$2-4."