Sunday, October 23, 2011

Simply Sunday... and mom forgot something!!

 "Putting my kitten to sleep."

 "Mom?  When are you going to paint the bathroom?"

 "Mom!! You forgot all about our Sleeping Contest!!  Last year we convinced mom to have a Sleeping Contest!  So, for the Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest we need your help!!  We would like to see all of your best sleeping poses as well!    Once you have put up your pictures, post your url in the comments.  We'll put up all of the contestants in another post and let everycat look at them and vote on which one they think is the best!  The first three winners will get a Super Special Graphic made by mom!!"


  1. Ooo, sleeping. I've found a couple of good ones, and have posted them over at my blog, at!

  2. A-HA ! I just do my nap today for crappy rainy day .
    Such a right time by accident..tee..heh
    so I think I'm In !!! : )

    PS : But one nap photo is the last photo of my post