Monday, October 31, 2011

Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest! Entries & Extension!!

The late Sir Thomas of Snuggle's magnificent tummy.

Due to mom being sick so much lately we have
decided to extend the contest period!!
You now have until November 7th to get your entries in!!

Here's a repeat of the rules...

Winners will get a Supr Specal Graphic as a prize
to put up on your on your blog showing that YOU WON!!

The rules are very simple!

1.  You must be a cat.  Woofies can not play.
2. You must post a picture on your blog or send a picture to
mom so she can post it on our blog. (yes, that means that
anycat who doesn't have a blog may email it!  Please put
the link in a comment (you can put it here or in any of
our posts!),we'll try to make mom post regular updates!

3. For our Second Annual Everycat Sleeping Contest, you
must have your entry in by the 1st (first) day of November.

4. Then everycat will vote for their favorite
(yes, you can vote for yourself!) pose.

5. There will be catagories, such as Best Kitten, Best Tummy,
Best SuperCat etcetera. Mom says that if you think of a particular catagory you like to mention it in a comment or email us.

6. You can only enter your own kitties unless
the cat's Feeder won't let them have a blog!

Check the next post for all of the entries!!
Let's give them a rousing MEOW!!


  1. Mine is posted on my blog.Hes still asleep lol.Sir Thomas was adorable.

  2. hi! fanks fur the extended oppertunaty to play--mommer was a sluggard an' din't get our picture up until today!!

  3. Mes has stopped by to tahnks yous for your kind thoughts and purrs while our Daddy was in the hospital. We is all doing the happy dance now that he gots home!
    Here is a link to my picture of me sleeping
    and here is a link to the post
    So, Thanks yous for extending the deadline, thanks yous for your purrs and we is sending yous purrs for your Mommy.

  4. we will have our entry up Sunday. Thanks for extending the deadline.

  5. Grrrr. Blogger just had an error and ate my comment. If it eats this one, we hope it gets indigestion!

    Gracie talked us into entering and we just posted our entry.

  6. We has our post up today. We hopes we did it correctly.

  7. Vote for me! I sleep really good, all day long!

  8. we got mom to sit down and pick out photos for the contest!

    yuki, kintaro, & tt
    of kazoku neko

  9. Vincent Toobad (2 comments above) is a new blogger and posted sleeping photos but forgot to leave the link to that post, so we'll just leave it for you so he is included.

  10. We only just heard about this. Can we put up this one?

  11. This is from:

    She said she can't leave you a comment and that she's trying to enter the contest. Here is a cut and paste of her request to me.

    Please let them know at the Sleeping Contest that I have entered. I posted today and also sent them a photo. It isn’t uploaded to their contest yet. I cannot leave them a message because they don’t have pop up comments. If you could leave them a message in their comments for me that would be great. If you cannot that is OK.

  12. Since we are on a little "blog break" (sigh) we're emailing our sleepytime pictures to you and not posting it ...
    The Zoolatry Girls, Maggy and Zoey

  13. It is a good thing I cam across this contest just in time. I have an entry on my blog:

  14. The BengalBrats are slipping in under the wire! Thanks for having such a fun contest!
    Here is our link:

  15. A day late and a... oh, whatever. I missed the deadline, but you can see from my blog I have plenty of sleeping poses to offer. Maybe next time.

  16. yes i am late too, but today's post is excellent sleeping pose