Sunday, April 17, 2011

Me-om! I wanna...

 "New toy!!  New toy!!  Mine!!  Mine!!"

 "Nu-uh... I got it!!"

 "I've gotten soooo big I'm almost as big as Star now!
So mom should buy me a catio for my bedroom window! 
Right?  Hey!  Is that a hair band?"

"Don't press your luck.  Catios take green papers."

 "So Audrey wants mom to get her a catio for the
master bedroom and a window seat for the kitchen."

"HA!  Even if mom had the green papers it wouldn't matter.
I'm big enough to sit on boffum."

"Don't tell Audrey but she wants a catio for the master bedroom
& a window seat for the kitchen.  If you buy stuff from our store we gets 10% and mom said we can put it toward that." - Star


  1. Star, come on over or if Audrey and Knives and Tommy won't mind I can drift on by and we'll wash one another's beautiful furs.

  2. Star says, "Oh come on over my sweet!! Our new toy actually has five other toys that switch out and we can get mom & the kids to change them out for us before and after we wash each other's furs! And Zaphoid says he wants to do your ears if you will let him. I said it was okay but that you are mine mine mine mine mine and he'd better remember to treat you like the Princess you are!!"

  3. What a nice new toy! Sharing isn't a cat thing, is it?

  4. We think that toy looks like fun but we think it could be a good one to share too! And Audrey we hope you can get your catio some day - that would be so fun!!

  5. Everyone looks so soft and shiny and la laaaaa.

    Oh, Sir Zaphoid...I fink I forgot you in my round up of handsome and beautiful kitties in all of my excitement. Here's my ears...
    Star, that sounds like a plan!!

  6. Audrey, keep working on Mom's soft side and maybe the catio will appear.
    I like your new toy.
    Mom loves all you sweet kitties.
    xoxo kassey

  7. Audrey says, "Mom's gotta get up enough green papers first. We did make a sale yesterday in our shop which I'm gonna tell all about later today!"

  8. We were so happy you came to visit us on our new blog. That's why We made our human set up a blog just for us, so We could make lots and lots of new friends and have our very own space to hang out with them.
    We hope you'll come and visit us often!

    Possum and Pixie