Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Bad and the Good and the Oh My!

First the bad so we can get it out of the way and then feel better by looking at pictures of sweet babies.  This message was passed on from on of the blogs I read regularly (I actually read a lot but don't have the energy to reply but we purr & pray for everycat that needs it!).  It seems that Caboodle Ranch, a no-kill home for kitties with no other place to go may have become a hoarding situation.  Here is some more information about it.  I don't have absolute proof, but if anyone does, please please let me know!  This is very sad and we are purring & praying for the sweet cats there.

For the good.  Well, there's a bit of bad.  Somehow we can't find Audrey's harness & leash!!  Fortunately she has a backup harness and I was able to cobble up something to use as a leash.  She doesn't like this harness as much since it's an H as opposed to a Figure 8 which is what most cats prefer.  I hope we find it!!

"Hey mom!!  I'm ready to go ou-ut!!
What do you mean I need my leash??"

"Mmmmmm, open window... mmmmmmm"

"So-oo what are you guys doing to my bathroom??"

"Okay Audrey, mom & dad are trying to get the house in shape so they can have the house appraised so they can get the house refinanced and pay off some stuff.  That'll mean more treats." - Star

"More treats!  More treats!!" - Knives & Audrey

"Now if mom could just afford a cleaning team.  I have no idea
why she keeps complaining about me spraying everywhere.
It was not me.  No, really!!" - Thomas

::yawn:: "I'll help by taking a nap.
I'm sure that will be very very helpful." - Zaphy


  1. Oh my goodness! i had goosebumps while reading Dana's account regarding Caboodle Ranch. I've always wanted to go and visit :( So sad to hear about this! Thank you for sharing.

    Btw, I hope you find Audrey's leash :)

  2. I read that the Caboodle Ranch post was a hoax written by someone who has a "rival" ranch, so I'd be careful of reposting this.

    Having said that, there are people who take in excessive numbers of pets, a sort of mental illness, and that's bad news for the people and the animals.

  3. I have also hear this is a hoax and I tend to believe it because I cannot seem to trace down the source.

  4. I have found several places where people who have been there to help have talked about their experiences, this one has the most comments but you'll have to wade through a lot of stuff. Primarily two people who go back and forth as well as some duplicate posts.

  5. I found another one, from a Tampa Bay newspaper. I know this man has a good heart and only wants to help cats. I just think he's overwhelmed.